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A true Business Presence on the Internet is created by combining several disciplines. Our team of writers, graphic artists, advertising specialists, and programmers work as a team to create the most visually attractive and technologically advanced pages anywhere on the Internet. The real question is "now that my company has these beautifully produced pages, who is going to see them?"
WebNet International is a firm that specializes in producing Business Pages. Our company does not create personal home pages or vanity sites. We work with the Business Community only. Our senior management has a combined fifty-five years of marketing, sales, and advertising experience. We understand that need to promote our client’s products or services to the widest possible audience; we understand that the most effective advertising produces the best results, and, we understand the Internet.


  • Page Layout & Design
  • HTML, VRML, JAVA, CGI Programming and More
  • Data Base Installation and Management
  • Site Security & Encryption Programs (Firewall - Credit Card Protection)
  • Audio & Video
  • Animation


WebNet International will create Logos, Banners, and Specialty features upon request. Our team of experienced artists can give your company or products that extra identity that will help you establish the uniqueness of your firm.


WebNet International will register your exclusive Domain Name and list your Domain with all of the major Internet Search Engines. Our Programmers will insure that your site can be found according the published protocols of the Search Engine managers.


At no extra charge, WebNet will E-mail your Domain Name and a summary of your business products and, or, services to 25 of the most popular Internet Business Directories. Additional notices can be sent for a nominal fee.


An E-mail "postcard" can be sent to over 500,000 Internet users announcing your new Internet Domain and summarizing your product or service.

Contact your local WebNet International representative for a complete description of the services available. Cost depends upon the service selected. All bids are in writing and contain the exclusive WebNet Guarantee.

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