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Vicinity's YourTown provides Private Label content and services to make your web site down-to-earth practical. You give customers the latest information on your products and services and we get them to your door by showing them where to find them in their own area. Fast!

Vicinity Corporation provides web publishers, advertisers and corporate web sites with an array of YourTown services that include:

  • Yellow Pages - Dynamic Local Listings of 16 million businesses nationwide.
  • Vicinity Interactive Maps (VIMs) - Easily-customized maps for any geographical area nationwide. VIMs allow for zoom-in detailed views or zoom-out overall views as well as highlighted route "maplets."
  • Proximity Searching - The ideal store/dealer locator service. Lets users find the nearby points of interest or the nearest business selling the services or products they need.
  • Driving Directions - Turn by turn instructions for door-to-door service for addresses in both rural and urban areas nationwide. Driving Directions provides the easiest or fastest driving routes as well as biking and walking directions.
  • Localized Advertising Services - Strategic, context specific and geographically targeted.

MapBlast!TM - Vicinity's Free Service for the World Wide Web.

MapBlast! is Vicinity's direct contribution to the Web community. MapBlast lets you generate interactive maps of residence or business locations, embed them in home pages, and e-mail them to friends and associates, all for FREE! You can try out MapBlast! at

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