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Advanced Web-Based Store/Dealer Locator Service

Service Summary

Vicinity, the leader in providing local content and services for the web, dramatically increases your company's selling power with its advanced web-based store/dealer locator service. This service allows customers to use the web to find the nearest stores or businesses in their neighborhood (or any neighborhood) that offer your products or services.

Vicinity couples it Proximity Search (employing an efficient spatial search algorithm) with a multi-attribute search, giving Web users the ability to quickly find the nearest stores carrying the products or services they need. Vicinity customers can include models and brands carried, hours open, and other key details.

Users can also see an interactive map of selected businesses, and get door-to-door, turn-by-turn driving directions to the store from where ever they happen to be. If your Web site already employs a store/dealer locator, Vicinity can easily integrate these powerful GeoEnabled(tm) services, greatly enhancing the localized customer service value of your site.

Localizing your corporate web site makes it relevant to customers who seek your products or services in their neighborhood wherever they are nationwide. In this way, your company's web site works smart --- gives practical information customers really use in their own area. And when a corporate web site is working smart, it's doing much of the work that expensive direct mail campaigns, telesales operators, and print ads do ---- 24 hours a day and at a fraction of the cost.

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Feature Summary

  • Vicinity On-Target: Your dealers, stores, franchisees, expect to be accurately displayed on maps. Vicinity, through its new On-Target Program, can guarantee that your businesses will be located accurately on our maps. Please inquire for more details.
  • Boundryless proximity search. Fastest, most efficient. Not limited by zip code, city, state or other artificial boundaries
  • 32-word attrubute search (integrated with Proximity Search)
  • Finds the nearest "n" business locations (pre-set or specified by the user) to a street address, street intersection, street, city center, or zip code that satisfy the attribute criteria (take MasterCard or Visa, Open on Sunday, Carries product X, etc.)
  • Does not require the user to specify distance
  • Displays multiple store locations on a single map
  • Interactive maps show individual stores. Zoom, pan and print a paper quality map.
  • No hosting of map data or software required on your site

Only Vicinity Gives You This Much Control

Vicinity's goal is to add content and powerful features to your corporate web site under your own brand. The Your Town family of products and services lets you retain your company's unique graphical look. With Vicinity, you always convey your valuable corporate identity, not ours. Also, Vicinity is the only web content provider that, at your request, can add your corporate data to the Vicinity Yellow Pages now in use on many of the most widely used and popular Web sites, including Yahoo, Lycos, GeoCities, and others. In this way you not only vastly extend the reach of your company's web site information, but control the accuracy as you can enhance and update the data at each and every site that carries it.

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