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Founded in August of 1995,Vicinity Corporation has established its leadership through key partner/customer alliances. Vicinity markets its YourTown services to a variety of industries such as search engine services, Yellow Pages sites, newspapers, magazines, retailers and franchise operations, business and leasure travel service sites, and others. Our customers include businesses as diverse as Ace Hardware, Toyota, Bell South, Dockers, Yahoo, Matchware Technologies, Blockbuster Video and Payless.

Vicinity is a member of CMGI (CMG Information Services) family of Internet-focused companies that also includes Lycos, Planet, Direct, Geo-Cities, and NetCarta, BlackSun Interactive, CyberVillages Corp., Freemark Communications, Ikonic, PinPaper and TELET Communications. Vicninty uses high quality digital maps and navigation-quality databases from Etak, Inc., the leading supplier of digital road maps, and other sources.

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