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There is more to ensuring a secure network environment than "locking the front door" with a proxy-based firewall. Network and system adminstrators should know for sure that the entire perimeter of the network is secure.

Firewall resellers often have the basic knowledge to install, configure and support a firewall, but few have the expertise on staff to address the larger security issues inherent in connecting to the Net.

Wouldn't it be useful, then, if resellers could act as "general security practitioners" identifying customers' security ills and recommending a security specialist to provide the cure.

That is the concept behind The PrivateNet Security Expert Referral Program (S.E.R.P.). It creates a new level of partnership between security experts and VARs. The vision of S.E.R.P. is to create a security consulting infrastructure that will, for the first time, scale with the growth of a national firewall reseller base.

In addition, S.E.R.P. should create a continuing stream of new business opportunity for resellers and security experts in a way that KEEPS THE REVENUE IN THE DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL, INSTEAD OF IN A MANUFACTURERS POCKET.

You are part of a growing community of specialists in the area of network and Internet security. With the beginnings of the commercial firewall market, the demand for your skills is accelerating... but even in a growing market, gaining access to high quality customers is a difficult task.

S.E.R.P. was designed to give qualified security experts access to customers while enabling and supporting the successful resale of the PrivateNet Secure Firewall System.

We see a lot of opportunity. To get the next level S.E.R.P. program detail, contact us at the address above to get the program qualification test.

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