NEC PrivateNet Internet Firewall Reseller Program

NEC Internet Business Unit Background:

The Internet Business Unit of NEC Technologies has introduced PrivateNet, a firewall security server system. PrivateNet has been built from the ground up to be resold by qualified VARs. We are currently in the process of recruiting networking VARS who are preferably UNIX literate and understand how to construct TCP/IP networks. If you feel you fit this criteria, please complete and submit the provided VAR application.

Product Design Features:

PrivateNet is an off the shelf bundled, hardware/software system that provides Internet security for TCP/IP networks. In addition, using PrivateNet's Virtual Private Network
( VPN ) technology, the system can also create encrypted tunnels from PrivateNet to PrivateNet. Encryption is based on the government standard DES or 3-DES.

Because the operating system and firewall security software reside on CD-ROM, PrivateNet is one of the most secure and easiest to upgrade firewalls on the marketplace today. All of the operating system and firewall security software execute directly from the CD-ROM.

PrivateNet is easy to install. Using our installation guide and customer configuration checklist, you fill in the checklist, power on the PrivateNet system and type in the answers from the checklist. The system then restarts itself and is network ready.

We are currently distributing PrivateNet into the marketplace through Ingram Micro. Ingram currently has product in inventory with a SKU # of 753401. The suggested list price is $14,950 for our unlimited version which allows an unlimited number of connections to be made through the firewall to the Internet.

Key elements of our reseller program are:

  • Lead generation from national advertising
  • Good margins
  • Commission paid on software support agreement
  • Discounted demo program
  • Evaluation program
  • Free start-up literature package
  • Product sales and technical training
  • Quantity competitive bidding
  • Pre-sales support
  • Access to security consulting
  • 7/ 24 Toll free support lines
  • Timely VAR spiff programs
  • Marketing assistance
  • Support for end-user seminars

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