Satisfied Customers Speak Up:

Christine Hogan
Network Security Administrator

"PrivateNet works like a sysadmin thinks. It has simplified the security administration of our network so much that I find it boring, and am moving on to solve tougher problems. We expect to define requirements for a new PrivateNet in our network every couple of months."

Howard Owen
Network Security Manager
Octel Communications

"I recently had the opportunity to install a beta NEC PrivateNet firewall box on my "Battlezone" (Internet exposed) network. The application called for screening an HTTP server running on an NT box against direct access from the Internet. The PrivateNet box "dropped in" to my application with a minimum of fuss. I was impressed by the way the designers had made it easy to configure without sacrificing flexibility, power and "hardness." The care that went into its design and implementation was obvious. This is the first commercial firewall box I've seen that I could seriously consider a candidate for replacing my home-brew firewall. In addition to that application, the VPN feature gives me all sorts of ideas for internetworking with clients, VARS and remote divisions. I'm excited by the possibilities. Thanks for a great product."

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