Internet Firewall
Security Server System

Proxy Server Architecture
PrivateNet provides:

  • Private networking over the Internet
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Friendly administration; user transparency
  • Easy maintenance of network resources
  • Secure SOCKS 4.2 protocol compatibility
  • CD-ROM based software
  • Supports parallel firewalls
  • Off-the-shelf hardware/software system

The VPN PrivateNet Firewall Security Server blends two technologies to create a secure Internet communications environment:

  • Applications that originate their connections from within an internal network are managed by SocksPlus, NEC's advanced circuit level proxy technology.

  • Applications that originate their connections from outside the network are managed by security hardened application level proxy servers. Application services include Telnet, E-mail (SMTP), Web server (HTTP), and NetNews (NNTP).

Client applications span the UNIX, WINDOWS, and MAC environments. These include Netscape, Mosaic, FTP, Telnet, and WinSock based clients.

PrivateNet hides the address scheme of the network it protects. BSDI UNIX operating system and PrivateNet's application software reside on CD-ROM creating a highly secure firewall implementation.

PrivateNet is an off-the-shelf, highly scaleable, state-of-the-art, commercial firewall product combining hardware and software to provide security for TCP/IP networks. PrivateNet can provide secure communications over public networks (e.g. the Internet) to conserve network costs via its Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. PrivateNet is ideal for securing a network from the Internet, as well as, iso-lating subnetworks from a corporate network. PrivateNet authentication server architecture accommodates multiple schemes and continues to evolve. PrivateNet provides high security in a broad network environment.

Power Supply: 145Watt - 115/230V switch selectable
Operating Temp: 50F to 95F (10C to 35C):
Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%
Dimensions: 4.4 in. H X 16.9 in. W X 16.2 in. D
(11.2cm X 42.9cm X 41.2cm)
Weight: 21.5 lb (9.7 kg)
Configuration: Pentium-based CPU
16 MB RAM (expandable to 128 MB)
PCI BUS SCSI Controller
CD-ROM Drive
Two Ethernet interface cards
SCSI hard disk drive
1.4 MB 3.5-inch floppy drive
User Manual, Installation Guide, and
Reference Manual
Operating System: BSDI UNIX
NEC PrivateNet system software
Hardware: One year on-site materials &

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