NEC Achieves Secure Network Connection Using PrivateNetTM Servers

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 26, 1996 -- NEC Technologies' Internet Business announced today that it has successfully demonstrated country-to-country virtual private networking (VPN). During several tests performed between June 3 and June 14, 1996, the IBU in San Jose, Calif. and its counterpart in Tokyo, NEC/GOAH, established a secure link between two PrivateNet servers over the NEC corporate network.

The purpose of the tests was to verify the compatibility and security of the link and to demonstrate the feasibility of VPN between the two countries. NEC IBU engineers believe this is the first real demonstration of a secure and private connection between firewall servers in different countries.

Mikel Lechner, director of engineering for the Internet Business Unit, said that virtual private networking has attracted a lot of attention because it promises a secure and cost-effective alternative to privately leased lines. Most connections across the Internet are not encrypted and information is exchanged in clear text, making the data vulnerable to snoopers. In a virtual private network, encryption is used to scramble the data that is exchanged, keeping third parties from intercepting these connections.

The connection was made using two versions of the PrivateNet server, the IBU/PrivateNet version and the GOAH/Privatenet SV server, which is similar to the U.S. version but is sold solely by the NEC Corporation in Japan. VPN capability is built into both servers. Approximately 1,000 GOAH server units have been sold in Japan; the IBU/PrivateNet version was recently introduced in the U.S. reseller channel.

During the tests, privacy and security was maintained between the two sites by deploying Digital Encryption Standard (DES) and triple-DES encryption. Since DES encryption technology cannot be exported from the United States, a Japanese version of DES, developed outside the U.S., was used.

"We had to clear several hurdles to make these tests a reality," said David Walter, marketing director of the IBU. "We had to comply with Federal restrictions on encryption and we had to be able to pass network traffic back and forth between the two different versions of PrivateNet. We're encouraged by the test results and are now working on plans for an international product launch."

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