Units Available for $9,950 While Supplies Last

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 11, 1996 -- NEC Technologies' Internet Business Unit (IBU) today announced a special introductory price for the PrivateNetTM Secure Firewall Server. The unlimited version of the system is now offered to end users for $9,950 while supplies last. The regular list price of $14,950 will apply when the promotion ends; the system is distributed nationally by Ingram Micro, Inc. (SKU 753401) and is available immediately.

NEC's PrivateNet server is a bundled turnkey hardware/software firewall system that is marketed and supported exclusively by VARs, system integrators and security consultants. The unlimited version of PrivateNet allows an unlimited number of nodes to be connected. It features a security-hardened UNIX operating system, Pentium-driven hardware, and proxy-server firewall software that is supplied on CD-ROM for added security.

The server is designed for customers who require a superior security solution based on application-level proxies rather than packet filtering. Application-level proxies are considered to offer a higher level of security because they eliminate the need for direct connection between an internal network and the public Internet and between subnets on a LAN.

According to a recent Ernst & Young study, firewalls are the front-line of defense for computer networks. The study points out that 70 to 80 percent of break-ins are carried out by people working inside an organization. Many crimes are never reported to avoid negative publicity, and the average financial loss is $100,000. Companies are installing better network security systems to minimize the loss of intellectual property and competitive information and keep internal databases private.

"Executives may be lulled into a false sense of security about their computer network because they have never experienced a break-in," said David Walter, marketing director of the Internet Business Unit. "But they're risking a loss that could be just as destructive as a fire in their building. The special introductory price for the PrivateNet server brings it down to $5,000 less than any other proxy-based firewall, making this an excellent time to consider PrivateNet. This special promotion is also an excellent opportunity for resellers to provide a firewall security solution and support services."

Christine Hogan, network security administrator for Synopsys Inc., said, "PrivateNet works like a sysadmin thinks. It has simplified the security administration of our network so much that I find it boring, and am moving on to solve tougher problems. We expect to define requirements for a new PrivateNet in our network every couple of months."

NEC's PrivateNet server passed firewall certification testing by the National Computer Security Association (NCSA), an independent laboratory in Carlisle, Pa. on June 3, 1996. According to NCSA, Certified Internet Firewall products are tested against a standardized and evolving suite of attacks while allowing desired business functions to be accomplished. The NCSA says the purpose of certification is to simplify the evaluation , purchase, and installation of firewalls, enabling buyers and users to choose the right products for their networks.

For more information about the special offer, customers should call the NEC toll-free number, (800) 668-4869, and specify product number 1520-2733S-UL.

About the Internet Business Unit

The Internet Business Unit was formed in July 1995 to address the needs of organizations that require secure and productive Internet and intranet connection and use. The unit's first technologies, products and services are security-related. The Internet Business Unit is located in San Jose, California and can be contacted at (800) 668-4869. Further information can be found on the World Wide Web at

About NEC Technologies

Headquartered in Boxborough, Mass., NEC Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of computers and peripherals for the North American market. Award-winning product lines include the PowerMate" and Ready System products, RISC-based workstations and servers, Versa " notebook computers, the MultiSync " X-Series of monitors and presentation products, Silentwriter " and SuperScript ' printers and MultiSpin " CD-ROM readers. NEC Technologies is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation.

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