The mission of the Client Applications Program (CAP) is to ensure SocksPlus client applications are broadly available for users protected by the PrivateNet system and by other commercial and non-commercial Socks-based firewall servers.

The Internet Business Unit is working with many client application vendors now and maintains an open invitiation to the entire community of TCP/IP software vendors to license SocksPlus client source code at no cost to integrate into their products during development.

Many vendors already support the publicly available free Socks 4.2 in their client applications. These applications will work unchanged through the PrivateNet system, but are not formally supported through the CAP Program. Among them are applications from NetScape Communications, FTP Software, SpryNet, Hummingbird Communications, and others.

Interested vendors email: to be contacted by a CAP Program representative or call (800) 668-4869 Dept. Code YWEB.

CAP Structure

The CAP program's technical component is built around the licensing and promotion SocksPlus source code to TCP/IP stack and client application vendors. A nominally priced technical support contract is available, and the IBU evaluates opportunities for deeper technical collaboration on an individual basis.

The CAP program's marketing component is built around joint promotion of SocksPlus client applications and the PrivateNet Security server. A partial list of marketing benefits includes:

  • Joint press releases upon licensing SocksPlus and upon distribution of SocksPlus client applications.

  • Listings in PrivateNet on-line and printed literature as SocksPlus compliant applications.

  • Use of the SocksPlus logo and IBU-produced technical marketing and sales collateral materials.

  • Reciprocal Web site links.

  • Promotion of SocksPlus client applications in PrivateNet booths at major national and regional Internet and networking trade shows.

  • Cooperative Web and print media advertising programs.

Licensing SocksPlus

Licensing SocksPlus client source code is straightforward.

There are no direct licensing fees, and simple conditions. Vendors need only commit to incorporate SocksPlus support into their applications and market them as SocksPlus compliant applications. Vendors may not modify and republish SocksPlus source code except as an integral part of their commercial product offerings.

An annual support contract is available for vendors that want the IBU's technical support during the process of making client applications SocksPlus compliant.

At this time the IBU does not have end user licensing programs for SocksPlus server and client source code.

* NetManage Licenses SocksPlus Client Source Code for
integration into Chamelion suite of Internet Applications.

* NEC Technologies Licenses SocksPlus to BSDI

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