The PaymentNet client software is available for most operating system platforms as a standalone client or as an API.

  • Standalone Client
    Use for integration to your application using CGI scripts

  • API (Application Program Interface)
    Use for direct integration with your application.

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Available for Download

PaymentNet Client Integration Documentation
Nashville Host
Paymentech Host
TeleCheck Host

Win 95/NT Platform
bullet.gif (115 bytes)Java Native Interface Client
bullet.gif (115 bytes)MS COM Client
bullet.gif (115 bytes)Executable Client
bullet.gif (115 bytes)Library Client
bullet.gif (115 bytes)MS Site Server Commerce Client

UNIX Platforms
bullet.gif (115 bytes)Sun Solaris Java Native Interface Client
bullet.gif (115 bytes)BSDI Client/API
bullet.gif (115 bytes)Linux Client/API
bullet.gif (115 bytes)DEC Alpha Client/API
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SCO UnixWare/Open Server Client/API
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SGI IRIX Client/API
bullet.gif (115 bytes)Sun Solaris Client/API

Mercantec SoftCart
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SoftCart BSDI
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SoftCart DEC Alpha
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SoftCart Linux
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SoftCart Solaris
bullet.gif (115 bytes)SoftCartSCO UnixWare

Mercantec Shopping Cart 4.0
SoftCart Solaris Intel
SoftCart Solaris Sparc
SoftCart IRIX
SoftCart NT

ColdFusion Platform