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No matter your size or market focus, two things are certain. First, you need a successful Internet e-commerce strategy. Second, to be the most competitive, you are best served to outsource the e-commerce functions that don’t extend logically and smoothly from your core competency.

In most cases, that includes transaction processing -- the complex and rapidly evolving combination of secure Internet infrastructure and financial relationships that makes the cash flow in.

PaymentNet’s high-performance e-commerce transaction service uses a flexible client/server architecture that makes it adaptable to a wide range of e-commerce uses.

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For some uses -- such as consumer-to-business e-commerce on the Web -- PaymentNet has built the interface and created standardized, automated processes to accommodate a high volume of merchants.

For other uses --such as custom enterprise applications -- PaymentNet works with customers and partners to develop and deploy the optimum solution to meet specific market requirements.

In all cases, PaymentNet employs an easy-to-use approach to its sales and service, delivering the powerful combination of Internet-expertise and financial relationships needed to produce optimum transaction processing results for our customers. We offload the transaction processing requirements of businesses, allowing them to focus on developing, marketing and selling their product or service.

When you outsource transaction processing to PaymentNet, you pay for the volume you need, and get exceptional customer care and service in the bargain.

What size of business do you manage?  (by transaction volume)

ENTRY  - Up to 100 transactions per month

SMALL  - Up to 2,000 transactions per month

LARGE  - Over 2,000 transactions per month

ENTERPRISE  - Unlimited transaction volume