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You can accept secure, real-time Credit Card and Internet Check payments in your web store or web application with PaymentNet and an Internet Merchant Account. Depending on your preferences, you may need additional services provided by PaymentNet partners.

Use our 4-step Getting Started Guide to review what you'll need:

1 Sign Up for PaymentNet payment processing platform
2 Set up a Merchant Account (provided by PaymentNet partners):
  • If you already have a relationship with one of the Acquiring Banks listed, we suggest you apply with that bank.
  • Otherwise, choose from any bank listed to apply today.

Reminder: Specify "PaymentNet" for payment processing.

3 Choose a PaymentNet partner for each of these (optional) products/services as needed to complete your deployment:
4 Download the PaymentNet Client Software/Documentation
  • Complete your application setup, then sell - sell - sell !