Company History
As a web development and consulting services organization, PaymentNet’s roots in e-commerce go back to some of the earliest implementations on the net. Originally, the company was chartered to develop some of the first online payment systems for immediate software download.

During these early development projects, PaymentNet founders used most of the payment processing technologies and services now on the market, and found them each lacking in different respects. This experience lead to a new vision for the company:

Develop and deploy a transaction processing service with industrial strength characteristics that would serve large and small businesses alike.

The Result
The resulting PaymentNet product features the performance characteristics lacking in other solutions, supplemented by a dedication to service. PaymentNet’s product features…

  • Extreme scalability
  • The highest levels of performance in the industry
  • A true client/server architecture
  • The highest levels of security
  • Multi-threading application and processing support
  • Extreme ease of business integration and administration

PaymentNet has successfully divested itself of its web development and hosting operations, and has fielded an industrial-strength transaction processing service that has attracted businesses and partners across the spectrum of the payment processing industry's infrastructure.