Bronze Cover (Third Party only)

caracct2.jpg - 11.4 K This insurance covers the legal liability of the person insured, or the authorised driver, towards a third party, who is injured or killed in an accident, or whose vehicle or property may be damaged.

This type of insurance, however, does not cover injuries or death suffered by the person insured, nor damage to his own car or property.

This policy meets the requirements for compulsory motor insurance under Bahrain law.

Bronze Cover Plus (Third Party Fire & Theft)

For a nominal additional premium, coverage for Fire and Theft of the insured vehicle can be added. stolencr.jpg - 8.1 K

Silver Cover (Comprehensive)

carsink.jpg - 9.1 K This policy provides all the coverage of Bronze Cover Plus, along with accidental damage to the insured vehicle.

Moreover, our standard comprehensive policy is for All Risks of Accidental Damage (subject to clearly stated exclusions) rather than for specified perils. This would provide coverage for flood and storm damage, for damage caused by falling objects, and for riot damages.

Gold Cover

pearl.jpg - 16.9 K Available only to drivers over 25 years of age with 3 years claims-free driving immediately prior to inception (or in the case of fleet policies, 3 years with a loss ratio under 30%).

The premium will be higher than Silver cover - except for those who are awarded the Gold Standard (after a minimum of three years as Gulf Union clients).

Your choice of repairer in Bahrain
New for Old on total losses or constructive
       losses of vehicles under 12 months old.
No depreciation on spare parts in partial losses.
Windscreen cover - without affecting your
       Claims Discount.
Free personal effects cover for BD 75/- whilst in the vehicle insured.
Reduced Personal Accident premiums.
Own damage cover extended free for 15 days on request to any GCC country.
Free uninsured loss (e.g. your deductible) recovery service.
24 hours claims telephone number.
Free entry into Gulf Union's Reach for the Gold Standard Draw (private vehicles only).

Please note that if the vehicles is driven by an inexperienced driver or anyone under the age of 25. Coverage will automatically be reduced to Silver Standard.

man.jpg - 9.7 K

Personal Accident

At a small extra cost, protection can be purchased against death or major personal injury to you, your driver(s), your family, and your passengers following a motor accident.

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