Alfardan Group of Companies ALFARDAN EXCHANGE

Established in 1970, Mr. Husssain Alfardan made the Alfardan Company the leading Exchange House in Qatar. Headed today by Mr. Fahad Alfardan, Alfardan Exchange manages foreign currency exchanges and issues drafts to correspondent banks around the world. We proudly boast the most unique and specialized customer satisfaction; AlFadan Exchange introduced the "One Minute Customer" which allows people to be served and conclude transactions all in less than 60 seconds. That shows real commitment to customer care!

Alfardan Exchange Transfers of money to more than 26 countries holding 65 bank accounts worldwide - Fast transfers by draft, telex transfer, exchange of foreign currency notes in 44 currencies, purchasing and selling currency, issuing travelers cheques - Thomas Cook, American Express Traveler Cheques, Bank Mashreq, Saudi T/cd

Alfardan Centre
Grand Hamed Avenue
P.O. Box 63
Doha, Qatar
Tel: (0974) 408 323
Fax: (0974) 354 274

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