The newest member of the Alfardan empire, the acquisition of the BMW agency to the Alfardan Automobile Company has positioned the Alfardan Group on the path of continued prosperity, success, and rapid expansion. Alfardan Automobiles have invested in the recruitment of highly skilled staff and experts, including German Citizens, to manage its facilities. Alfardan Automobiles has also invested in a multi-million dollar showroom and workshop - which was constructed according to the BMW aesthetic and functional specifications and standards.

Alfardan Showroom Alfardan Automobiles Showroom will be the best automobile showroom in Qatar, with a display area of 30 vehicles, incorporating a VIP lounge for businessmen as well as a small café to give an informal and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, we have a state of the art workshop and service centre and a spare parts shop carrying a large inventory of spares for MBW cars; all this to provide our customers with ultimate care and support.

Alfardan Automobiles - BMW
Mr. Omar H. Alfardan, Managing Director
Mr. Hewig Jens Broehl, General Manager
Suhaim Bin Hamed Street
P.O. Box 3763
Doha, Qatar
Tel: (0974) 359 999
Fax: (0974) 353 230

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